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Church during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

During the Coronavirus pandemic, our church building will be closed and there will be no church services or activities running from the premises.

During this time we aim to share recordings with a variety of content and formats as a way of keeping the church connected while continuing to learn, grow and worship together. Services will be released each Sunday and podcasts will be released mid-week, every week. The most recent service and podcast episode is available on this page, and you’ll need to click the links at the end of each section to find recordings from other weeks.

Click on the title of the item you would like to listen to (in blue) and it will take you to that recording. The most recent recordings will be at the top of each section. You can find resources for Sunday School here.


Sunday 12 July 2020

Matthew 13

Sunday 12 July 2020: Sarah Salmons and Sophie Peel-Yates

This week, Sarah will be leading us in the opening worship time, with links to the songs and videos that she has selected given below. Then, Sophie will be preaching for us on Matthew 13 (found here). Christine and Rebecca R will be reading the bible passage for Sophie, and there is a piano piece at the end. These are all recorded into one file – just click the blue title above.

The songs that Sarah refers to are available in one playlist here, or separately by clicking the links below.

  1. Be Still
  2. Awesome God
  3. Heaven is around us
  4. Ascribe greatness / more precious than silver

Sarah also mentions a video which is an overview of the book of Matthew. She suggests watching before listening to Sophie!

  1. Matthew Overview Video
You can find all other service recordings from recent weeks by clicking here.


The purpose of the podcast is to be able to get people connected while we are not able to meet together at church. It is hosted by Alan, Sophie and Ben. If you have any item of news or anything you want to get in touch about to tell people about, or a thought or comment, please do email it to us at or text or call Sophie on 07443 630 571.

We’ll be asking questions for people to think about before each week’s episode. We will also be having a guest on the programme every week — someone connected to church who may have some news or thoughts to share with us. We’ll keep you updated about who those guests will be as soon as we can!

Wednesday 24 June 2020: Episode 13

Tune in to this week’s podcast episode to hear from Ben, Alan and Sophie! After this episode, the podcast will be taking a short break until 15th July.

You can find all other podcast episodes by clicking here.

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