Sunday Services

Coronavirus or Covid 19

During the pandemic we have been unable to run church services as we normally would, and what we are allowed to do changes regularly with the changes in government guidelines, making it difficult to plan long-term.

See below for current dates and plans for in-person Sunday Services.

Every Sunday, from 11 July 2021 onwards

In-person Church Service at the Church 10.30 to 11.15 approx.

With Sunday School from about 11.00

In order to keep people as safe as possible and to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus the following measures will be in place:

  • There are no restrictions on group sizes for communal worship and no need to book in advance to attend a service. 
  • We will continue to provide hand sanitizer throughout the building and encourage everyone to continue to use this particularly when entering the building. 
  • We will keep a log of everyone attending church.  This information will only be referred to if subsequently someone tests positive and we would then need to find out if anyone spent a considerable amount of time in close proximity to that person.   
  • Our door stewards will greet you with a smile and not offer a handshake. 
  • We will maintain good ventilation – lots of fresh air. 
  • We should limit the amount of time we are in close contact with others – step back a little and respect everyone’s personal space.  
  • We will provide a choice of seating arrangements some of which will be well spaced. 
  • Face coverings are recommended in crowded public areas.  We won’t ask people to wear a face covering and will respect personal choice for those who wish to wear a face mask. The exception for face masks relates to singing. 
  • Government advice is that singing does generate a wider spread of air borne droplets and face masks are principally for the protection of others, we will invite everyone in the congregation to wear a face mask while singing.  Anyone leading from the front will have an uncovered face.  Masks can be removed when sitting in the service. 

Anyone attending church who has any concerns about the easing of restrictions is invited to speak directly to any member of the Church Board.